Adjust your speakers and microphone for best audio quality in your room. Click on the Settings icon Settings Icon to bring up the Audio/Video window and test your sound and webcam. Note that when you are testing, you cannot be heard in the room but you cannot hear others talking in the room either.


In many PCs there may be more than one available microphone input as well as more than one speaker/headset option.        




If you have and need to use two cameras, tick the Use second camera option and then choose your primary and secondary cameras from the drop down lists.  


Show two cameras


Select the microphone and speakers you are using, adjust the volumes, then click on Start test. Start speaking to verify the selections and, if necessary, adjust the volume for microphone and speakers. You will see the audio graph in the top section as you are speaking into the microphone. Once you are satisfied with the volumes, click Stop test and then either choose another Settings menu item or close the window using the red X.  


While the A/V test is running, you will not be seen or heard by others in the same room.

Test Audio/Video/Webcam




You can use different Audio Libraries to set your audio experience to its highest possible  quality with your particular equipment. This means that when changing environments, for instance from working at home with one headset to working at the office with another, you may need to change libraries.

Audio library


At right is a list of recommended audio libraries for each operating system.

Operating system

Windows Audio

Qt Audio

WebRTC Audio







Bluetooth headset users: for best results, change to WebRTC.





When you click on the A/V settings help icon (A/V settings helpv),you see the page at right, explaining the various options available for the audio/video section.  

Audio/Video help



When you right click on the A/V settings help icon, another option appears so you can choose the video resolution you want to use. Check your attendees' network connection in Audience details (right click in the People panel, choose Show audience details) to see five bars for each and then change your video resolution to HD resolution for higher quality video. Be aware that using the HD option uses more bandwidth for each attendee..

Video codec



If you receive this error, please go to Microsoft to install the Media Feature Pack for your version of Windows. Some Windows versions do not by design have a Media Feature Pack so you will need to install it to run MyRoom.

Win N error message

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