Add room to favorites

Use Add room to favorites to move rooms that you use often to the top of your list of rooms. When you create a room group and then move rooms inside the group, any rooms that you mark as favorites are placed at the top of the list in alphabetical order.


Add room to favorites  


Right click on the room you want to mark as a favorite and choose Add room to favorites.

Add room to favorites



Your room is now marked as a favorite in two ways: there is a star next to it and it is at the top of your room list. Favorite rooms are listed in alphabetical order grouped before other rooms.




If you have access to many rooms that you don't often use and you want to clear up your viewing area, you can click the More icon More icon and then tick the Only show favorite rooms option. Once you have selected it, only those rooms you have marked as favorites are displayed.  


To show all your rooms, click on the Menu icon and untick Only show favorite rooms.

Favorites only



To remove a room from the favorites list, right click on it and choose Remove room from favorites. The room is then re-ordered alphabetically with other rooms that are not favorites.

Remove from favorites



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