HPE MyRoom - Contacts tab

HPE MyRoom is now open. The icons and tabs are as follows:





Change status Change status arrow Click on small arrow or status to view choices.
Contacts tab Contacts tab Click to see a list of contacts.
Rooms tab Rooms tab Click to see a list of rooms, owned or assigned.
Adda a contact Add contact icon Always enabled on the Contacts tab.
Menu Menu icon Click to select to view offline pictures and/or contact pictures (see description below).
Room key Quick Key Click to generate a quick key for others.
Settings MyRoom Settings icon Always enabled.
Help Help icon Always enabled.


Click on an icon to access help for that icon.

HPE MyRoom  More menuHelpSettingsKeys - Quick keyChange statusAdd contactAdd a contactRooms tab


Click on the Menu icon Menuto choose more items from the menu.
Show offline contacts Select to toggle between displaying and hiding contacts who are offline.
Show contact pictures icons Select to switch from displaying to hiding contacts' images.



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