HPE MyRoom - Rooms tab

Click on the Rooms tab to see your rooms. Your first room is automatically created for you in the Rooms tab. The icons and tabs are as follows:





Change status Change status icon Click on small arrow or Status to view choices.
Contacts tab Contacts tab Click to see a list of contacts.
Rooms tab Rooms tab Click to see a list of rooms, owned or assigned.
Add room icon Create new room icon Always enabled on the rooms tab.
Menu Menu Click to choose to show only favorite rooms.
Room key Room key Click to generate a room key for others.
Events Schedule or view upcoming events for the selected room Brings up the Events window for the selected room. Not visible until a room for which you have scheduling permissions is selected.
Settings MyRoom Settings icon Always enabled.
Help Help Menu icon Always enabled.


Click on an icon to access help for that icon.

HPE MyRoomMore menuHelpSettingsCreate an eventKeysChange statusAdd roomContactsHelpSettingsCreate an eventRoom keyMore menuAdd a roomContacts tabChange statusHelpSettingsCreate an eventUse keyAdd roomContacts tab


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