Creating an event

Dedicated scheduled events can be created in HPE MyRoom. This allows you to hold meetings with people who do not have HPE MyRoom accounts so that they can attend on a one-time basis. In addition, by choosing which key an attendee receives, you can limit their role inside your MyRoom during the meeting.


For information about Event services that can be added to your event, please see here.


Create an event  


To create a new event, right click on the name of a room in the Rooms tab and choose Events or click on the room in the Rooms tab and click the Events button at the bottom of the tab.

Create New Event



The Events window opens with the name of the room you have chosen in the title bar. Navigate to the date for your event and click on Create event to start the process.

Choose event date



Enter the details for your event. Change the name of the event or accept the default name entered. Change the start and end times of the event, and enter any teleconference information you need for your event. Click on Save to finish creating the event and generate keys.

Event details entered



Your event has been created. The event details are shown in the window, including the Participant and Presenter keys. These can be distributed through email or instant messaging with copy-paste or verbally over the telephone. Use the icons at the bottom of your event window to assist you.

New event created



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