Change status

At the top of your HPE MyRoom account window is your name and your status. Clicking on the Change status down arrow next to your name brings up the Change status menu with the following icons:



Available icon
Away icon
Do not disturb icon (includes the Unavailable option)


Change your status notification next to your name by clicking on the message you want to display. The next screen will show how to customize the status messages.

Status messages

Click on Change profile picture to add or alter your current profile picture. This will take you to the Settings/Personal information option with the Change profile picture window open. You can upload a photo from your PC or take a photo using the webcam on your PC. Click Save to save your changes or Cancel to cancel the changes.

Change profile picture

Clicking on View my profile at the top of the menu opens the MyRoom Profile window with any Profile details that your have entered.   



Click on Log out to log out of HPE MyRoom but leave the application available to be logged in with another user name or at another time. HPE MyRoom can be launched again by clicking on the icon in the taskbar.    


Click on Exit to close HPE MyRoom and remove the icon from the system tray.


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