See through remote eyes and revolutionize your collaboration experience.

HPE Visual Remote Guidance (VRG) is a secure, enterprise-ready collaboration solution that can boost productivity, increase efficiency, and decrease costs for your organization by using live visually-guided interactive sessions with extended teams. VRG enables phones, tablets, and hands-free wearable devices to connect via 3/4G or WI-FI, to the enterprise.

Focused on support field services, VRG quickly connects a remote mobile workforce with subject matter experts to receive in-the-moment guidance, while also allowing interaction with vendors, partners, and other resources.

Visual Remote Guidance

In a few seconds, remote users can:

  • Activate visual guidance sessions through mobile apps or simple voice commands to wearable devices
  • Live-share complete images, video, audio, and data with extended teams and record the sessions
  • Collaborate with experts for faster identification and better resolution of complex technical issues

As a result, VRG increases uptime and reduces overall cost, with fewer calls, shorter repair time, decreased travel requirements, and fewer parts sent onsite. This innovative, market-leading solution is offered in either cloud (SaaS) or hybrid on-premises architectures.

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Visual Remote Guidance

VRG Supported Wearables

RealWear HMT-1 (VRG HMT-1 Voice Commands)
Epson Moverio BT-300, BT-350
Optinvent ORA-2, ORA-X
Vuzix M300, M300XL
Visual Remote Guidance

Help & Support

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